Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Regu Pandu Tempur (Rupanpur) Korps Marinir
Marine Corps Combat Guide Team

Marine Combat Guide Team (Rupanpur) used to named Marine Field Investigate Team. Rupanpur is special forces for the Marine infantry battalion. Personnel of Rupanpur come from Marine non-officer infantry soldier that has already fulfilled tight selection in each battalion including intelligentsia, mentally and also physically test. They are trained in Marine Combat Training Center (Puslatpur), Antralina, Sukabumi. The trainer there comes from Marine Amphibi Reconnaissance Batallion (IPAM) instructure that has many experience training Marine special forces.

In first week all the training participants has done several combat field problem such as land tactical operations, combat patrol and contact drill. Beside that, they also trained individual combat rules that include creep, crawl on hands and knees, roll, grenade throw, and throwing axis and knife. Field knowledge such as: field map reading knowledge and Global Positioning System include map sign identification, pointing place / coordinate, distribute and give topography map number.

Along the second week they learn about camouflage, protection, find a track and mountaineering, shooting ability and sniper. Rupanpur also has special knowledge like airborne control, air mobility by helicopter (helicopterborne), demolition, sabotage, kidnapped, interrogation endurance, escaping technique and also swimming problem, cross-country and speed mars.

The main duty of this team is to guide the amphibious task forces that will be landed in the beach, but if they got problem during that circumstances they giving order to finish it by themselves including to destroy enemy forces and facilities.

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