Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grup-1/Parakomando Kopassus

Grup-1/Parakomando Kopassus TNI-AD
1st Group/Para Commando Army Special Forces Command

Grup-1/Parakomando was a unit equal to regiment in other forces, that becomes a part of Army Special Forces Command (Kopassus). This group was establish at March 23, 1963 with early headquarter in Cijantung, East Jakarta with Major Infantry LB Murdani as the first commander. In 1981, this group was removing into Serang, Banten basic on the idea of Indonesian Armed Forces commander General M.Jusuf. In 1983, 11-combat detachment (Denpur-11) follows to Serang.

Including to this brilliant General, based on the history if there is an enemy forces that want to attack or occupying the Java island and Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia they will be landed in Merak harbor that not far from Serang. The Dutch in 1700’s and Japan landed in 1943 support that theory. The enemy forces across Sunda straits from Sumatera and landed their army in Merak than attack into another area in Java. Placed of this elite group in Serang also based on fact that in Cilegon, Serang there is Krakatau Steel State Company that is very strategic steel industries for this country. This industry with strategically position in state policy giving material for producing weaponry for the armed forces and also for the Indonesia development process.

Motto for this group was Eka Wastu Baladika that created by first corporal Suyanto. This group having 1.274 personnel in three combat battalion Yon-11/Astu Seno Baladhika, Yon-12/Asabha Seno Baladhika and Yon-13/Thikkaviro Seno Baladhika. Every battalion having three companies. Every company split into three platoon, that every platoon having 39 personnel. Every platoon consists of three small unit calls team strength of 10 personnel.
Today Grup-1/Parako using small arms but effective like SS-1 and SS-2, SPG-1 grenade launcher, NVG, Sig Sauer P.226 pistol, Shotgun MOD M3 Super 90, Sniper Accuracy International 7,62 mm and Machinegun Ultimax 100. Each Kopassus personnel also equipped with black FS dagger knife made by Carl Schlieper Germany.
Because Kopassus is a special forces, in every combat mission they perform, personnel that involve relatively small, not many like other regular infantry forces. Kopassus not using conventional measure start from platoon until battalion. Kopassus rarely (maybe never) doing combat operation with strength of one battalion at once. With this composition, Kopassus can be flexible in determine personnel number; can be more than regiment size (around 2.000) or less than that.

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