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Kekuatan Udara Indonesia tahun 60-an

Kekuatan Udara Indonesia tahun 60-an
Indonesian Air Power in 1960’s

Air power concept is making air potention consist of reconnaissance, air cover, interdiction, air strike, airborne and air landed (troops or logistic), and air defense. Indonesian Air Force modernization in early 1960’s has making Indonesia as the largest Air Power potention in South East Asia. Air Power structure organization as follows:
I.Operation Command (Koops)
1.Wing-001/ Airborne; Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base, Jakarta:
•Squadron-2/Light Transport C-47 Dakota
•Squadron-17/ VIP Transport
•C-47 VIP
•C-140 Jet Star
•Squadron-31/Heavy Transport C-130B
•Squadron-32/Heavy Transport Antonov-An-12B Hussein Sastranegara Air Force Base,Bandung
2.Wing-002/Tactical; Abdulrachman Saleh Air Force Base, Malang:
•Squadron-1/ Tactical Bomber B-25 Mitchell, B-26 Invader
•Squadron-3/ Tactical Fighter P-51 Mustang
•Squadron-5/ Amphibious Recon PBY-5A Catalina UF-1/UF-2 Albatross
3.Wing-003/ Strategic; Iswahyudi Air Force Base, Madiun:
•Squadron-21/ Tactical Bomber Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle (then give to the Navy)
•Squadron-41/ Strategic Bomber Tu-16
•Squadron-42/ Strategic Bomber Tu-16 KS (armored by air to ground missile AS-1 with 90 km shooting range).
4.Wing-004/ Helicopter; Atang Sanjaya Air Force Base, Bogor:
•Squadron-6/ Mi-4 helicopter
•Squadron-7/ Mi-1 Basic Training helicopter
•Squadron-8/ Mi-6 Harke with 100 troops capacity.
5.Wing-Garuda as reserve (in the future Wing-Garuda develop become National Air Wing Reserve with collecting general aviation and airlines potention).

II.National Air Defense Command (Kohanudnas)
1.Wing-300/Interceptor; Iswahyudi Air Force Base, Madiun a half in Kemayoran, Jakarta:
•Squadron-11/ Interceptor MiG-15/UTI Midget, Mig-17 Fresco, Mig-17/PF
•Squadron-12/ Interceptor Mig-19 Farmer (5 Mig-19 give to the Pakistani Air Force).
•Squadron-14/ Interceptor Mig-21/F Fishbed-C
•Squadron-210/ Radar
•Squadron-220/ Radar
•Squadron-230/ Radar
•Squadron-240/ Radar
•Squadron-250/ Radar
•Squadron-260/ Radar
•Squadron-270/ Radar

•Squadron-410/ Radar
•Squadron-420/ Radar
•Squadron-430/ Radar
•Squadron-440/ Radar
•Squadron-450/ Radar
•Squadron-460/ Radar
•Squadron-470/ Radar
This radar strategically placed to detect enemy airplane that direct to the eastern coast of Java and vital objects in some important city. Radar placement was in Surabaya, Jombang, Congot (southern Yogyakarta), and Jakarta; extend into Palembang, Natuna, Pangkalanbun, Banjarmasin and Balikpapan. Data that collect from the radar then process by radar center in Tanjung Kait, westernmost of Jakarta gulf. Then the result reported to the Sector Command (Kosek). To guide interceptor plane to the target in order to protect Jakarta and its environs, in Cisalak build Ground Control Interceptor (GCI) radar.
3.Wing-100/Guided Missile (Peluru Kendali)
•Squadron-01/ Guided Missile SA-2 Guideline in Tangerang
•Squadron-02/ Guided Missile SA-2 Guideline in Cilincing
•Squadron-03/ Guided Missile SA-2 Guideline in Cilodong
•Squadron-02/ Guided Missile SA-2 Guideline (Training Center) in Kalijati Air Force Base (prepared for Guided Missile SA-2 in Pondok Gede)
4.Army Air Defense Artillery. Some of Air Defense Artillery battalion having 37mm and 57mm canon made by Soviet, under command of National Air Defense Command (Kohanudnas).
5.Air Force Air Field Defense Troops (PPP). PPP weaponry systems include Triple Barrel Oerlikon GAI-D01 caliber 20mm Switzerland made and heavy machinegun DShK-38 caliber 12,7mm Soviet made.
Air Force Quick Reaction Troops (PGT). These forces will support air to ground operation (i.e. destroy enemy plane in the ground), perform airborne assault with another forces in armed forces and in peace time, PGT can support guarding Air Force Base and installations.

Air power not only operational potention, but also supporting potention like Training Center Command (Kodik) that supervise Wing-01 Training Center (Wingdik) consist of four squadron, three Depot (equal with Wing) under control of Logistic Command.

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