Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brimob Polri

Korps Brigade Mobil (Brimob) Polri
Indonesian Police Mobile Brigade Corps

In early Indonesian independence day, Indonesian Police has a unit calls special police. This special police forces becoming part of Indonesian Armed Forces together with People Security Board (BKR), Youth Forces, Police Fighter Forces, Hizbullah and many other forces that build under people iniciative. Like strengthen the name of special, this police special forces escape from Japanese armored release. Whereas Japan release all other forces weapon, not remainder the weapon that belong to regular police.
After the independence announcement, state conditions demanding police unit to battle in every front and also to control security conditions and public safety. Looking for this potention, Special Police Forces was merged becomes ones in November 14, 1946. This unit calls Mobile Brigade or Mobrig.

When independence war against the Dutch, Mobrig has special forces. Although they are native Indonesian but this unit using many foreign terminology. Because this special forces headed to US and having their basic techniques from there. Beside getting term of ‘Ranger’, this special forces having motto ‘we strike’. This unit chose as a symbol of eagle that struck the lightning. This unit strengthens their qualification as an anti-terror unit.

During the Trikora campaign, the police dispatched a detachment from their Ranger regiment, an elite formation created in March 1962 from a cadre trained by the US Army Special Forces and equipped with the US AR-15 automatic rifle. The Ranger cadre was trained by the US Army Special Forces Group 1 in Okinawa. In a fit of linguistic nationalism, Soekarno later insisted that the police drop the Ranger designation and adopt the closest Indonesian equivalent, Pelopor. Motto “we strike” that usually tagged in personnel chest was also removal. While Mobile Brigade changes become Brigade Mobil (Brimob).

Brimob headquartered taking place in Kelapa Dua, Depok and Brimob commander was two star police general. Brimob having three unit (equal to regiment in other forces) and each unit was lead by Police Colonel. Unit-1 is Gegana with 1.000 personnel, Unit-2 and 3 are unit with Pelopor qualification. Unit 2 and 3 each having around 3.000 personnel. A Gegana personnel was taken from the selected unit 2 and 3 personnel and giving other special qualification like bomb defusing and counter terror. Some of the Pelopor personnel having parachute jumping qualification to support their mission.

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