Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Indonesian Navy supremacy in 1960’s

Kejayaan TNI-AL di era 60-an
Indonesian Navy supremacy in 1960’s

In 1959 Indonesian Navy (ALRI) announcing program that known as Striving for Glorious Navy and become starting point to modernizing ALRI arms system and organization. Until 1965, ALRI having a significant progress on arms system. These was from the background of political confrontation in order to seized West Papua from the Dutch which feels it can’t be finished with diplomacy approach. Various Navies combat material from Eastern Europe strengthen ALRI and becoming ALRI as dominant power in that era.

ALRI fleet during that day was: Major unit (‘Swardorf’ class battle cruiser RI Irian, 12 frigates ‘Riga’ class, 7 destroyers, 17 corvettes, 12 ‘Whisky’ class submarine, 2 submarine chasers, 2 submarine carriers, 1 submarine depot and 15 amphibious vessels). Light forces (12 fast missile boats ‘Komar’ class, 18 gunboats, 3 Landing Ship Tank and 21 torpedo boats). Miscellaneous forces (25 maritime patrol boats, 10 motor launchers, 20 minesweepers, 4 survey vessels, 4 depot ships, 9 oilers and 10 auxiliaries).

Beside that, there are long-range bomber Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle, 18 maritime recon plane, Mi-4 helicopter and heavy amphibious vehicle including PT-76 amphibians tank for more than three Marine regiment and also various weapon and ammunition. All of these combat materiel was a part of ALRI purchase program from Soviet in 1958 totaled $126.201.700. With that strength, in early 1960’s ALRI considering as the largest Navy in Asia

There is many sea operation during West Papua freedom operation that also known as Trikora campaign. In early Trikora stage, ALRI fast-torpedo boats must be battle against Dutch destroyer, frigates and also Dutch Navy airplane at January 15, 1962. Commodore Jos Sudarso with Indonesian Navy Ship (KRI) Macan Tutul sank in that battle. The moment that remembers as Oceans Dedication Day is increasing the passion to seized West Papua with military action. The ALRI submarine successfully infiltrates the personnel from Army Special Forces to the Papua. In Trikora campaign, ALRI succeed to organizing Jayawijaya operation that will be the largest amphibians operation in Indonesian history. No more than 100 ships and 42.000 soldier including the reserve army and volunteer was prepared for this operation. These military show of force, pushing the Dutch government to the diplomation table and make agreement to transfer of sovereignty of West Papua to the Indonesian government.

Indonesian political confrontation against new-colonialism and imperialism continued in Dwikora campaign to oppose the establishment of Malaysian country. Even the element from Indonesian Armed Forces and volunteer has been prepared for this campaign, but the operation was only limited on infiltration assault to the Malaysian area. ALRI soldier from ALRI Commando Corps (KKO Marinir) and Navy Underwater Team (Kopaska) was involved in this phase. They are success to make sabotage and clandestine operation in Malaysia and Singapore, but some of them are capture by the Allied forces. Two Marine soldier Usman and Harun was got hanging punishment in Singapore, the other personnel released after the peace agreement was signed. Meanwhile, the other ALRI element making show of force to balanced the provocation from Allied country Navy forces.