Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Kompi Intai Tempur (Kitaipur) Kostrad
Combat Reconnaissance Company

The Combat Reconnaissance Company (Kitaipur) is the newest Kostrad special forces. This unit was formed in 2001 to demolish Aceh Separatist Movement (GAM). In the beginning this unit only have one platoon known as Combat Reconnaissance Platoon (Tontaipur) for its squad but now after Kostrad success trained the other three platoons this unit have fully one company for its daily operation.

This unit formed based on army military experience that shows that mostly unit maneuver when battle happen is on platoon and company level. To have enemy movement info has becomes the most important thing to win a war. This fact is becoming basic idea to build this unit. Kostrad tactical reconnaissance unit but can also becomes elements that destroy enemy troops.

After five-month intensive trainings, 97 personnel selected from the 9th and the 13th Infantry Brigades became the first troops for this elite unit. Personnel for this unit also must have airborne qualification. For that reason, the personnel that not have airborne qualification must have airborne training in the army special forces training center in Batujajar, West Java. To train each Komtaipur platoon, Kostrad need almost one billion rupiahs to make sure that this unit have special qualification and also special weapons for each personnel.

Just as the name implies, Kitaipur will be sent to do surveillance and reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines and destroy enemy’s strategic installations. Some of the equipments that these troops carry are special assault rifles such as AK-74 and night vision goggle (NVG). Each Kitaipur personnel have the abilities to conduct operations on land, sea, and in the air.

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