Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Pasukan Pemukul Reaksi Cepat (PPRC) TNI
Rapid Reaction Strike Force

From its name we already know that Rapid Reaction Strike Force (PPRC) was not same like other regular forces. This force has ability to do combat operation, anytime needed and anywhere in all region of this country. This force is designed for 24 hours readiness.
PPRC is Indonesian armed forces joint command task force from the army, navy, air force and Marine Corps, that main duty is quickly destroy enemy strength. These forces will act for the first time to the enemy attack or threat in specific trouble spot area. PPRC will localize enemy forces to take over of the area that has been occupied by the enemy. They will hold and organize enemy forces in some land area. After that, these forces giving time and space for the higher command or operational command to take importance action.

This force was build in 1985 and directly under command of Indonesian Armed Forces commander. While the PPRC command control is under Army Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad). Because of that, the commander of this forces usually rotate every two years between Commander of Kostrad 1st and 2nd Infantry Division. Kostrad 1st Division headquartered in Cilodong, West Java to cover Indonesian western region while 2nd Infantry Division headquartered in Malang, East Java to cover eastern region. All the vital objects and area from Sabang until Merauke has already known by PPRC. If needed, PPRC can also have support from the armed forces special forces like Kopassus and Paskhas but this para-commando forces will act only as a pioneer or airborne control.

In real combat mission, these forces only have ten days in operation area and will be continued by other regular forces. Because of that, if they not ordered to retreat in ten days, they wasn’t PPRC anymore but the forces which doing combat operation under control of Indonesian Armed Forces commander for operation command (Koops TNI). Today, PPRC have two brigade strength with almost 6.350 personnel. PPRC consist of land taskforce (Airborne Brigade), sea taskforce (Navy ships and Marine brigade) and air task force (transport plane and fighter interceptor plane). In military barracks, PPRC is like stand guard. The other personnel can sleep, but PPRC must be ready anytime that can be departed to the trouble area within 1 x 24 hours.

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