Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Indonesian Air Forces Developing in Next 10 years

Indonesian Air Force has been arranging work program until 2024. Specially for next ten years some development that will be implement such as:
1. Added 1 combat squadron, 3 transport squadron, 1 tactical surveillance squadron and 1 helicopter squadron. That will be 8 combat squadron, 7 transport squadron, 2 tactical surveillance squadron and 4 helicopter squadron.
2. Added 3 radar units, becoming 20 radar unit (Satrad).
3. Consolidating 3 Paskhas Wing (equal to brigade) and adding 3 Paskhas new battalion in Medan (Yon-468), Biak (Yon-469) and one battalion in Kupang or Yogyakarta.
4. Increasing 2 B-type Air Force Base (AFB) as a main AFB that is Manuhua AFB in Biak, Papua and Wolter Monginsidi AFB in Kendari, South East Sulawesi. Establish C-type AFB in Tarakan, East Kalimantan and D-type AFB in Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan), Lhokseumawe (Aceh) and Batam (Riau Islands).
5. Added personnel number from today 32.996 become 38.268 in 2014.
6. Replacing plane Hawk MK-53, OV-10 Bronco, F-5 Tiger, f-27, C 212, S-58T and Bell-47G.
7. Provisioning 8 batteries of short range Anti-Airplane Defense (PSU) for Air Defense point.

Indonesian Air Force 1st Command Operation (Koopsau I) with headquarter in Halim Perdanakusuma AFB, Jakarta commanding 19 AFB, three detachment, and 40 Air Force Post. The area was extending from Sabang until a half of Kalimantan and a half of Central Java. While Koopsau II with headquarters in Sultan Hasanuddin AFB, Makassar commanding 19 AFB, 4 detachment, and 38 Air Force post.

Two AFB in Koopsau I was A-type AFB. This Air Base lead by First Air Force Marshall (Marsma). The two Air Base are Halim Perdanakusuma AFB in Jakarta and Atang Sanjaya in Bogor. While in Koopsau II there are three A-type AFB that is Iswahyudi AFB in Madiun, Abdulrachman Saleh AFB in Malang and Sultan Hasanuddin AFB in Makassar. Especially for Adi Sucipto AFB in Yogyakarta, even commanding by First Air Force Marshall the control was under Air Force Training Command (Kodikau). In every A-type AFB there is one Paskhas battalion as the airfield defense unit.

Desire to have strong Air Force power absolutely become the aspiration of the Indonesian Air Force now and in the future. Guarding Indonesia air space with territorial sea area 7,9 billion km2 (include Economic Exclusive Zone) absolutely wasn’t easy mission to do. Need real budget and not only create thinking. Hope this thing not only repeatedly dream.

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