Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Gegana Unit / Indonesian Police Mobile Brigade Corps
Sat-Gegana Korbrimob Polri

If US have Bomb Squad, Indonesia has Gegana. With special ability that they have, it wasn’t wrong that Gegana could be said as special police unit. As a special unit, absolutely there is special reason behind Gegana establish. This reason also implied behind the name of Gegana. When it was borne, Gegana is set for anti hijacking airplane in Indonesia. For that reason the founder of Gegana taking Sanskrit language Gegono which mean ‘sky’. Gegana also using swallow bird as the unit symbol.

When is a bomb threat, people must be looking for 1st unit Gegana, Brimob. This special unit will be directly face with the bomb. Although looking as a front squad, Gegana is different with other special unit/forces. If other special unit/forces was front line strength, Gegana is the last fortress. This action is parallel with police main duty to persuade people not to do criminal crime. If the situation feel dangered and can’t be compromised, then Gegana will take some action.

There is three main equipment that Gegana using as bomb defusing specialist, which is body-armored or bomb suit, robot calls Hobos and special car (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). About bomb-terror, Gegana function is to defusing bomb. For the principal, Gegana duty is against terror not anti-terror. If against terror, the terror has already shown. This what make Gegana different with anti-terror unit.

Beside that, Gegana is multi-function special unit. Gegana personnel having high qualification to act against high intensity crisis situation. This high qualification make Gegana personnel is calling to do importance duty. Some of the duties make Gegana personnel in front position. In special condition, Gegana personnel must to fight side by side with the Indonesian Armed Forces against separatist movement or taking a part in military operation all over Indonesia. Some of the Gegana mission wasn’t publish for public.

Gegana having 4 detachments. Detachment A: intelligence and mobile-intelligence. Detachment B: bomb defusing specialist (Jihandak), Detachment C: Anti-Terror and Detachment D: Support (equipment and tools). Today, Gegana having around 1.000 well-trained personnel. Gegana personnel have success create their own bomb calls GPE (Gegana Plastic Explosive) that has more powerful effect than C-4 and can’t be detection like usual bomb. Gegana also training other special forces from police or Indonesian Armed Forces about bomb defusing. The Indonesian Special Forces that have been train by Gegana is Gultor-81 Kopassus, Denjaka TNI-AL and Den-Bravo Paskhas TNI-AU

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