Monday, June 8, 2009

Den-Bravo 90

Detasemen Bravo-90 Paskhas TNI-AU
Bravo-90 Detachment

Detachment Bravo 90 (Bravo-90 Detachment) is the newest elite unit in the Indonesian Special Forces groups. Bravo, which means the best or excellent, was formed in limited ways within the Air Force Special Forces Corps (Kopaskhasau). The concept of this unit follows General Guilio Douchets war strategy: it is easier and more effective to destroy enemies air power by destroying its ground installations and armories than by conducting air combats. Based on this thinking, Bravo 90 is directed to perform intelligence in support of air operations, neutralize all enemies potential air power, and other special operations as instructed by the Armed Forces Commander.
Bravo-90 has a specialty on anti airplane hijacking (Atbara) and anti-terror air aspects. Bravo qualified their personnel with many advanced combat special qualification such as combat free fall, scuba diving, airborne technique HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) or HAHO (High Altitude High Opening), combat advanced airborne, three aspect CCT (sea, air, land), first class shooting, advanced commando, various fighting skills, etc. Bravo personnel using uniform full gears with the newest weapon.
Bravo personnel were recruited from the best graduates of Para-Commando trainings in the Air Force. About 5-10 graduates are recruited for this elite unit. To train its anti-terror techniques, the unit also trains at Army Sat-81 Gultor GMF facility for airplane hostage rescue trainings, Navy Denjaka facility for offshore airfields infiltration and attack trainings, Navy Kopaska facility for underwater demolition trainings, and Polices Gegana facility for anti-bomb unit trainings

Bravo has three team that calls alpha1 until 3. Alpha 1 having specialty on intelligence. Alpha 2 on jungle/city warfare and Alpha 3 on counter terrorism. Beside that Bravo also known Special team. This team is a joint personnel, which had non-air aspect qualification such as UDT (Underwater Demolition Team), EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), and also frogmen. In this team also settle trainer team that responsible for train and educate Bravo personnel.

Ideally Bravo must have 256 personnel or one detachment and lead by Lieutenant Colonel following their top organization structure. Until today Bravo using at least four tactical vehicle for their daily operation. The four combat tactical vehicle is Dirgantara Military Vehicle (DMV-30T) Bravo1, DMV-30A Bravo2 (armored version), Glover Webb and Land Rover Defender MRCV (multi role combat vehicle). Bravo using light green camouflage to identified their self. Bravo motto is Catya Wihikan Awacyama Kapala which meaning is loyal, skilled and success.

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