Sunday, July 12, 2009

PT DI to build CN-235 anti-submarine aircraft

State-owned Indonesian aircraft industry PTDI is to develop a CN-235 anti-submarine airplane which would be a new variant of its CN-235 turbo-prop aircraft, PTDI president director Budi Wuraskito said.
Wuraskito said here on Saturday Indonesia already had the needed technology and qualified human resources. "They have the experience to assemble and modify aircraft of that type," he said.
He said PTDI had enough human resources to produce anti-submarine aircraft.
About 40 PTDI engineers had been involved in the production of anti-submarine airplanes in Turkey, he said.
He said they returned to Indonesia four months ago after completing their assignment in Turkey. "We already have the technology for the production of such aircraft," he said.
PTDI was now able to design and produce the CN-235 MPA, a maritime patrol aircraft which had become one of PTDI`s most salable products.
He said PTDI would soon develop the CN-235 anti-submarine plane. A number of countries had already expressed interest in purchasing PTID`s anti-submarine products. One of them was Malaysia.
The state-owned company was also producing Bolkow-105 or NBO-105 helicopters.
Bolkow-105 or NBO-105 helicopters built by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) are considered very suitable for combat.
Not only is the sound of the aircraft relatively low, the choppers each with a capacity for five persons, are equipped with machine guns and missiles.


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