Monday, July 13, 2009

Military Weapon Products Will be Free from Import Tax

Minister of Finance set new rules free of import tax for weapons and defense import products. This regulation was listed in the Ministry of Finance Tax Regulations number 107/PMK.04/2009 dated 12 June 2009.
In this rule set that free of import tax exemptions on imported arms, ammunition, military and police equipment. Including the exemption was also applies to spare parts, materials used to produce goods that is used for the purpose of defense and state security.
Imported goods that receive the exemption tax was the material and goods that used by a particular industry that is set by the government. This industry can play a role as producers of goods for the purpose of defense and state security
Exemption also applies to the goods and material that imported by the presidency, the Department of Defense, Headquarters of Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), Headquarters of the National Police (Polri), the State Board of Intelligence (BIN), and State Intelligence Institution.
Requirement to obtain exemption tax, institutions and / or third parties must apply the letter of intention to the Head of Customs Office where the goods was enter to this country.
While for the industry that appointed as a producer of goods for the purpose of state defense and security must apply the exemption to the Director General of Customs and Tax

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