Monday, July 13, 2009

Pindad Promise to Complete 94 Remaining Panzer in 2010

PT.Pindad promised to seek the settlement of 94 panzer from 154 panzer ordered by the Indonesian government in 2010.
"The remaining orders will be completed until the end of 2010," said the Head of Public Relations PT. DI, Timbul Sitompul in Bandung.
Panzer 6x6 APS is a transporter panzer that can attach by two types of heavy weapons in the front and back. It’s also equipped with communication technology that is quite powerful for the task was revealed in the field.
According Timbul, panzer contract procurement with Department of Defense is the first time made. "We are working maximum to produce the panzer in large numbers," said Timbul.
The body of APS panzer is designed with steel made which blast-resistant and also equipped with Renault engine technology and gearbox from Europe.
Panzer order is one of the realization of the self-made main tools of weapons systems (Alutsista) as well as optimization of strategic state-owned enterprise (BUMN).
Meanwhile, besides giving 40 unit panzer order from Department of Defense, PT. DI also held "Security and Defense Technology Perform".
"Pindad will exhibit all the products starting from panzer, weapons and other” said Timbul.
Pindad during the time produces the grasp fire arms and long-barrel arms. One of the main weapons products is the SS-1 and SS-2 which currently being distributed and used by the military and police.

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