Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indonesian Military Budget Increase in 2010

Indonesian Government will improve defense budget continuously starting from 2010. Related to strategic plan of defense, it also will be developed the stand by forces and center for peace keeping forces.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono affirm this thing after witnessing taking over 40 panzer 6x6 made by PT.PINDAD to the Minister of Defense, Juwono Sudarsono and Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Commander in Chief, General Djoko Santoso at PT. Dirgantara Indonesia hangar of CN-235 in Bandung.
Taking over of 40 panzer represent the part of purchasing 150 panzer 6x6 and 4 reconnaissance panzer production of PT.PINDAD with amount of Rp 1,12 billion
President explain, in scheme of Indonesian National Budget (APBN) for 2010, government propose to the House of Representative (DPR) to increase defense budget more than 20 percentage from Rp 33,6 billion at 2009 becoming Rp 40,6 billion at 2010. “Continuously, year by year, we will be going to the number required to reach minimum strength that needed between Rp 100-120 billion," President says.
In this time Minister of Defense and head of TNI had owned blue print for national defense but that must be updatable. President SBY reminds that improvement of defense budget really used precisely and there must be an audit system for it. This intended so that weapons and equipment system is according to the existing standard because this problem concerning soldier life in battle field.
President also enhance, Indonesia will have stand by force which was readily move everywhere for the duties of peace with self-made panzer which not fail its quality with other nations made.

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